Does your accountant spend a lot of their time with basic invoicing and billing?
Are your books rarely up to date due to lack of time?
Are you missing payables or receivables because of lack of follow-up?

AmeriSource’s accounting services eases your bookkeeping needs, allowing your accounting department to focus solely on the bigger tasks that require their company specific knowledge and expertise.

Our trained and professional accountants can help streamline your internal accounting process and work in tandem with you to ensure that you are always up to date.

What are the advantages of AmeriSource’s REO billing and reimbursement services?

     • Cost-effective – Save more than 50% of your expenses in billing and invoicing
     • Flexible – We offer customized solutions enabling us to adjust operations depending on the work volume
     • Quality – We implement stringent quality checks to guarantee 100% accurate output, allowing a smooth and fast reimbursement
     • Fast – Quick turnaround time so you’ll receive submissions in a timely manner
     • Safe – All sensitive data and information remain secured

AmeriSource offers the following services:​

     • Payroll Accounting
     • Invoicing
     • Financial Statement Preparation
     • Tax Services
     • Account Book Maintenance
     • AP Bookkeeping
     • QuickBooks

We have US based QuickBooks certified professionals and CPAs onsite that manage the quality and process for our clients. Our highly experienced and dedicated accounting team can help you increase efficiency in your accounting procedure and ultimately save you money in overhead costs.​