Maintaining accounts for your business is crucial to keeping your financial records accurate, organized and up to date. It is not enough to keep a close eye on the money coming, it is also necessary to stay on top of what is going out. Amerisource provides accounts payable or AP bookkeeping services, helping your business keep track of all your accounts payables and giving you the complete picture on exactly where your money is going.

Our accounts payable bookkeeping services help you manage outgoing bills and invoices on behalf of your company. Whether it’s utility payments, inventory invoices or reimbursements, AmeriSource can assist you in managing your financial records. This way, you can focus on the other aspects of your business without being burdened with accounting responsibilities.

Our accounts payable bookkeeping include:

     • Fast and accurate data entry of all your accounts payable information into your system
     • Maintaining and updating records of expenditures
     • Ensuring payments are made on time and in accordance to company policy
     • Responding to vendor invoices
     • Resolving payment discrepancies
     • Providing regular and accurate reports

Your accounting records play a huge role in your decision making process, hence the need for a reliable AP bookkeeping. By knowing where your money goes, you can determine your budget allocations and stabilize your cash flow- paramount to any business, new or established.

We also offer:

     • Payroll Accounting
     • Financial Statement Preparation
     • Tax Services
     • Account Book Maintenance
     • QuickBooks