Do you need help monitoring your case dockets and updating your case management system?
Are you having a hard time staying current with your case proceedings?
Do you need an extra pair of eyes to review docket proceedings, filings and hearing dates?

AmeriSource provides legal support services, providing fast and efficient docket review services to law firms and other legal businesses. We review each case for any updates or if there are key milestones reached. We have developed a streamlined process of reviewing and taking note of important data related to the case.

We identify and review docket entries, judgment dates, filings and other important pleadings that are determining factors to the case’s most efficient course of action. We can then populate and update your system or database with important information from the case’s docket to keep you current with their status and important milestones.

We provide a quick turnaround time, saving you countless hours of checking through the dockets updates and status. We understand that docket review is a labor-intensive and time-sensitive process that would eat up a lot of your resources, that’s why we are here to lend a hand. AmeriSource will take care of your contract and case docket information review to ensure you have time to focus on your core competencies.

We also offer:

     • Document Imaging and Merging
     • Mortgage Servicing Solutions
     • Client Systems Management
     • Bankruptcy
     • Title Review