Are you a property management company looking for cost-effective solutions to handle your growth?
Is your staff spending too much time on reports to try and fit your daily, weekly or monthly data needs?
Do you need a more efficient process to keep your workload updated?

Does this sound familiar? Staff leaving the firm without notice and all the work now is left on your plate?

We helped a property management firm, like yours, and replaced two assistant property managers that left the firm without notice. We provided two agents working on their tasks within a week, increasing production over the former employees while cutting the firm’s cost of employment.

AmeriSource offers a wide range of property management services. We make sure to provide assistance with the highest standard on property management work like order processing, training, consulting and other data entry needs, providing you 100% accuracy output.

Our competent and professional staff is fast, flexible, efficient and reliable. This saves you operational costs as they can take over and start working on different tasks in no time.

What are the advantages of AmeriSource’s property management services?

     • Cost-effective – Save more than 50% of your expense in operation costs
     • Flexible – Customized solutions to meet the client’s demands
     • Quality – Handled by highly trained staff to maintain accurate output
     • Efficient – Quick turnaround time and strict adherence to targets and deadlines
     • Secure – Guaranteed that all sensitive data remain secure and confidential

Our team is detail oriented, highly trained and knowledgeable on several property management key areas such as:

     • Phone support for collections, repair calls, tenant calls, and potential tenant calls
     • Creating and processing work orders for eviction, move-in, move-out, repairs and maintenance items on rental properties then
         following up when necessary
     • Creating bills/invoices
     • E-filing, reviewing and uploading documents into various client systems
     • Reconciling bank accounts and recording money orders/checks received from tenants
     • Screening property applicants and making sure all client requirements are provided before sending an application overview to the
         owner and property manager
     • Creating and submitting a report to the property manager regarding the status of each property
     • Utilize all property management softwares such AppFolio, PropertyMeld, Rent Manager, Propertyware, Showmojo, MLS, Zillow,
         Buildium and more