Does reviewing and cross referencing different title documents take up most of your staff’s time and efficiency
Do you need help in identifying and reporting red flags in the title reports that you receive for a legal case?

AmeriSource offers a wide range of legal business solutions, including title review for law firms and mortgage service providers. We can request title reports from title companies through client systems or e-mail correspondence and then review the title documents to check for mortgage information, legal description, assignments, liens and other details to determine if the title is clear. Title reviews are essential in starting a legal action as they provide early detection of discrepancies in the legal documents and allow the best solutions to be made early on.

Our staff identifies and reports the discrepancies and title issues on time so the client can determine the most efficient course of action without any delays. Our title review services protect our clients from the consequences of having defective and inaccurate titles.

AmeriSource’s legal support services aim to make your business processes simple and more efficient. You can rely on a quick turnaround without compromising work quality. Accuracy and efficiency are some of the core values we take pride in.

We also offer:

     • Document Imaging and Merging
     • Mortgage Servicing Solutions
     • Client Systems Management
     • Bankruptcy